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MCZ @ B&B Le Chant Des Etoiles

Posted in Projects & Events, Heating, MCZ on Wednesday, 09 June 2021

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What is the pinnacle of romance? An open fire under the stars.

We are in Spa, in the Ardennes, the place of wellbeing par excellence, which has given its name to all health resorts around the world. Here, Marion Meurant and Benoit Caloze allow their guests to live a dream, immersed in the old-growth forests of the Hautes Fagnes. “Le chant des étoiles” is a wood and glass bubble under the starry sky with a heartwarming flame at the centre.

As the landlady explains, this type of structure is technically called a “zome”, which derives from the words “zonohedron” and “dome”. It is a type of building that mimics the geometries of the animal kingdom, such as hives, or the plants' one, such as pine cones or sunflowers, and is normally made of natural and recyclable materials.

“The particular feature of our zome is that it is built entirely of glass and is therefore open and airy, just like a bubble immersed in nature”, says Marion.

The project was built according to green building and also includes an environmentally sustainable and renewable heating system. The structure is in fact heated entirely by a pellet stove – the Alea model by MCZ –, which is perfect for well-insulated environments like this one.

The selected model, Alea, has a very understated geometric design that blends well with the natural colours and Nordic style of the rest of the cabin. The cladding is in black painted steel and the compact size is ideal so that not too much space is taken. It is easy and handy to manage with its control panel fitted on the top or with the remote control, supplied as an optional extra.

To keep the environmental impact even more neutral, the stove burns pellets that are produced less than 30 km away, with virgin wood waste from local forests.

Therefore, a night at Le chant des étoiles, complemented by a delicious organic breakfast, turns into a full-immersion experience in nature, while respecting its balance as much as possible.