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MCZ Preview News 2020

Posted in Ecofriendly, Heating, MCZ on Thursday, 06 February 2020

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Progetto Fuoco 2020, 19-22 February

A unique and natural flame with the lowest emissions on the market: MCZ presents Groove, the first stove with the innovative “Core” technology

The pellet heating industry will take a decisive leap forwards with “Core” technology, which will be presented by MCZ Group during Progetto Fuoco 2020 (Veronafiere, 19-22 February).

With “Core”, a beautiful flame that is unmatched in the world of pellet, heating is associated with extremely clean and efficient combustion, along with extremely low emissions. 

“Core” is the result of extensive research aimed at optimising combustion from three points of view: aesthetics, comfort and the environment

In terms of aesthetics, “Core” continues in the direction in which MCZ has been going for several years now, to make the flame of pellets more similar to a visually appealing wood fire. Thanks to a natural development of the flame, the final effect is the same slow and dancing rhythm of a wood fire. Moreover, by concealing all the technical parts, the “Core” firebox has been designed to be elegant even when it is turned off. 

This innovative technology (covered by a patented application) ensures cleaner pellet-burning, with a substantial reduction of fine dust. Combustion is optimised at all heating power values, leaving the stove glass much cleaner.

Finally, “Core” technology places special attention on comfort. Driven by a next-generation “brushless” motor, the pellets are fed directly into the brazier without coming in contact with the metal walls, ensuring extremely quiet operation. Also, thanks to its very low smoke extraction speed, ventilation is almost imperceptible.

GROOVE (new 2020 product)

Groove is the first pellet stove featuring the revolutionary “Core” technology. It offers a unique and natural flame, while being silent and “green”, with a visual effect similar to that of wood and extremely efficient combustion, which leaves the glass much cleaner.  

Designer Andrea Lazzari has chosen a bold and glamorous look to emphasise the innovative personality of this product. 

“I chose to characterize the item with deep oblique cuts, which open in the cladding and represent the sign of the revolutionary breakthrough hidden in the new firebox,” says the designer. “Stone, with its primordial charm, enhances this concept even further, with an intriguing contrast between the texture of the stone and the high-tech interior.”

Groove is a ducted stove which heats contemporarily more rooms, also non-communicating ones. It comes in two versions with complete cladding (front and sides) or with cladding only on the front and sides in black painted steel. It can be controlled via your smartphone, both when you are at home and out, thanks to the built-in double Wi-Fi (Maestro technology) or with a handy remote control fitted with a room thermostat.