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MCZ revolutionises the combustion of pellet stoves: "CORE" technology is born

Posted in Ecofriendly, Heating, MCZ on Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Tags: heating | MCZ | pellet | stove

A spectacular flame, clean glass, minimized stove cleaning, particulate down by 40% compared to the strictest European regulations.

“Core” is an innovative pellet combustion technology based on the gasification principles. Protected by three patents, it has been entirely developed by MCZ, European leader in the pellet products market.


Here are the features that make this technology truly innovative:



The stoves with “Core” technology are characterised by spectacular flame aesthetics, which cannot be compared to the traditional products on the market. This is the height of MCZ research, which for several years now has been oriented towards making the flame of pellets more like a visually appealing wood fire. Thanks to a natural development of the flame, the final effect is the same slow and dancing rhythm of a wood fire. In addition, as they have been designed without visible technical parts, the fireboxes of the “Core” stoves are particularly elegant even when they are off.


With the “Core” technology, the combustion is optimized, and the glass remains clean longer than traditional products. In addition, the amount of ash generated by the stove is minimal and the small amount of remaining unburnt material is eliminated through a self-cleaning brazier, which is automatically activated. In this way, cleaning the firebox becomes a quick and easy operation.


One of the best outcomes of the “Core” technology is a cleaner and more sustainable combustion compared to normal stoves. The pellet burns in a brazier hidden from view, where a complete combustion takes place: the pellets and the gas burn, creating an extremely clean flame, which emerges from the brazier. The particulate emissions are 40% lower than the 5 star ariaPULITA values, which are now the most restrictive European limit on particulate. Exceptional performance which remains the same at all power levels and not only at the highest powers, as occurs with many products on the market.

Discover the new stoves "Core" in the  press release.