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Instabilelab wallpapers easy to sanitize

Posted in Surfaces, Instabilelab on Tuesday, 08 September 2020

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The cleaning of the surfaces in indoor and outdoor environments has always been essential for the maintenance of people's well-being. The possibility of sanitizing such surfaces though, without running the risk of ruining the specific material like floors, coverings, walls, counters, sanitary ware, etc.., has acquired, today more than ever, crucial importance.

Instabilelab Fibra wallpapers have always required the application of a special resin, making them washable and easy-to-sanitize, fire and trampling resistant (for floors coverings), unalterable to atmospheric agents (for outdoor coverings) and in any case water-repellent.

Furthermore, upon request, the company now offers a new certified resin that, in addition to its usual characteristics, is capable of killing 99,9% of bacteria. It is a transparent polyurethane single-component formulation, in water emulsion, which almost entirely destroys bacteria that, coming into contact with surfaces, are unable to develop.

Such product is ideal for any domestic environment as well as perfect for any public place. Instabilelab's wallpapers and furnishing projects can be a valid proposal for architects and designers who want to combine creativity and personality without sacrificing safety and sanitization.