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Sergio Leoni: fabulous stoves since 1961

Posted in Heating, Sergio Leoni on Thursday, 11 March 2021

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Tradition meets innovation, artistic craftsmanship combined with the technological know-how of a great company such as MCZ Group, which Sergio Leoni joined in 2012. Its inventor, Sergio, passed on the creative passion for ceramics to his son Matteo Leoni who runs the company, now in its second generation. The stoves under the Sergio Leoni brand embody all these features.

In 2021, the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary: throughout all these years, it has created products that are veritable interior decoration pieces, designed to last for a long time and to embellish all kinds of spaces, from the more traditional ones to contemporary and minimalist spaces.

Sergio Leoni was founded in 1961 in San Polo d’Enza, in the province of Reggio Emilia. At the time, Sergio, a master craftsman, was designing frames for open fireplaces which, although beautiful, were not very efficient at heating. By drawing inspiration from the properties of refractory materials and from northern models such as the “Stube” and “Kachelofen”, which heat much more efficiently, in the 1960s master craftsman Sergio Leoni showcased his first ceramic stoves at the Florence International Crafts Fair. Although there was no market for them yet, they were an overnight success and now Sergio Leoni products are distributed and appreciated throughout Europe.

Unlike the Nordic stoves, Sergio Leoni models are not wall-mounted, but are freestanding objects: they are striking furnishing elements, and their originality, sophistication and elegance are as impressive today as then.

They are artistic handcrafted stoves, with ceramic cladding that is still manufactured according to traditional methods, by hand, using natural materials and elements such as clay, water and fire. They are unique works of art that create a warm and cosy ambience and add a delicate romantic charm to even very minimalist interiors.

Originally designed as wood-burning stoves, since 2013 the Sergio Leoni stoves have also been available in a pellet version to accommodate modern lifestyles and meet the demand for convenient and programmable heating systems, which can also adapt to the routines of people who are often away from home.

The 15 wood-burning stove models in the collection still bear the signature of master craftsman Sergio Leoni, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 89. The pellet models, instead, stem from the collaboration with designer Monica Graffeo and design studio Emo design, who gave Sergio Leoni’s unmistakable style a new, more modern twist.

In particular, the two latest models, Maria Costanza and Regina, designed by Emo design, add youthful and fresh touches to the collection while retaining the feel of handcrafted ceramics.

The claddings are available in eight polished and two matt colours (white or black). For the basic colours – White, Ivory and Cella (beige/pink) – a special finish is also available, craquelure, which is obtained through a process that highlights the natural cracks in ceramics, thus giving the stove an attractive retro look.