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Slow Living

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo, Fast, Outdoor, Heating, MCZ, Tubes on Monday, 16 March 2020

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Hot drinks to be enjoyed leisurely, raw materials that bring us back to the slow rhythms of nature, the contact between indoors and outdoors, the rediscovered pleasure of writing on paper or reading a book by really leafing through the pages… Taking your time is the true luxury nowadays.

After a long era in which speed and technology have influenced our way of life, allowing us to become multitasking and interconnected but at the same time actors of frenetic races against time, a physiological break is bringing back some pleasures that need the one and only precious value which we can all afford: time.

Especially these weeks, where we proceed with reduced rhythms and apparently suspended relationships, are forcing us to slow down and discover the space around us. We take inspiration from our clients to offer a selection of products and setting in “slow living” style, the true trend of the moment.