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Tubes: Today’s values, our values forever

Posted in Heating, Tubes on Thursday, 30 April 2020

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These are conflicting and challenging times. Within the confines of our home, we are experimenting with a new sense of opening up to others and to our inner selves; without going anywhere, we feel closer to people on the other side of the world, while feeling the strong duty to live through this collective experience responsibly: revolutionising, and improving, the way we live and work, reflecting on those values which make us first and foremost human beings, understanding what genuine well-being is, and how to achieve it.

Here at Tubes, in particular, these times constitute a rapid thought-acceleration along a path we already undertook several years ago and which makes us all the more aware of those profoundly human values we feel are our foundations, now more than ever.

Family, for instance, in the broader sense of the word. Tubes was founded by three brothers: Augusto Crosetta, the Chairman, and his brothers Franco and Renzo. Then there’s us, the second generation: Antonia, Brand and Promotion Manager, Riccardo, Production Manager, and myself, Cristiano Crosetta, CEO. The family also includes, in the broader sense, the designers, who have turned the brand into an exemplary merger of styling, technique and functionality, and all those who, in Tubes, tend to every single aspect of the product, day-in day-out, to ensure it fully satisfies the user.

At a time when our priorities include health, physical first and foremost, but also inner health, here at Tubes we would like to contribute by doing what we do best, with the same commitment, passion and professionalism we have always demonstrated: innovating to devise ever new ways of guaranteeing the right heat and the right comfort in your homes. I hope that we will soon be able to meet again in person, with a new peace of mind and a new awareness.

Cristiano Crosetta, Tubes CEO