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Tubes at Casa Decor in Madrid

Posted in Projects & Events, Heating, Tubes on Thursday, 09 April 2020

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Tubes Radiatori has been picked by four major Spanish architects studios for their projects presented at "Casa Decor”, an interior design, trend and lifestyle exhibition held each year in Madrid since 1992. The exhibition, which ended early due to the world-wide medical emergency, housed 64 settings recreated by the same number of interior design studios.

Several iconic models of Tubes radiators were included in four of these settings; with their strong personality and their decorative value, these radiators contributed towards distinguishing the space designed. These settings, each with its own particular feel and inspiration, provide different perspectives on the application of the heating element and can provide interesting decorative ideas to furnish design corners in both domestic and contract environments.

Rift in "Soft & Raw" by Ane Devesa and José Agenjo
In a setting inspired by the shades of nature and of the sea, featuring a warm and welcoming style, the Rift radiator, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini and produced in three different-sized white modules installed vertically, decorates a wall, blending in with sophistication amid the fibres, fabrics and wood typical of handicraft. The geometric shapes of Rift and those of the floor and fabrics selected for this setting create a continuum that brings to mind the graphic features of another era, reinterpreted in a light and contemporary style. Owing to its modularity, Rift is one of the most versatile Tubes radiators, thanks to the different modules and colours with which endless compositions can be created.

Eve in the library furnished by Artemade & Gemar (Marta Labrador)
An intimate place where books and geometry play the starring roles, in a mix between the black of the stained chestnut wood and the orange and gold of the furniture, featuring Eve, portable electric heating element, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba and part of the Plug&Play collection by Tubes. An attractively-shaped object that releases warm air yet can concurrently be used at all times thanks to its dimmable light. Here, Eve is in the sophisticated gold version and, with its suffused light, it is ideal for lighting an intimate location such as a library, conveying a feeling of relaxation and peace. Placed on a cabinet, Eve characterises this space with its special design even when it is not switched on.

Scaletta in the sitting room by Lorna de Santos Studio
A place for meditation and spirituality put together with simple materials, patterns composed of beach drift and natural hand-made fabrics: this is the suggested setting for which Scaletta was picked. The heated towel rail, designed by Elisa Giovannoni and part of the Plug&Play collection by Tubes, was created in a colour similar to that of the wall on which it rests, and that brings to mind the woods and stones that decorate this setting. A sober and minimal, yet evocative heating element, such as Scaletta, is the ideal solution for a simple yet striking space, where it manages to stand out thanks to its iconic presence.

Step-by-Step in the bathroom by Jacob Delafon for Bao Proyectos
, designed by Alberto Meda, is a discrete yet evident presence in this bathroom with its contrasting shades of black and white. The black detail of Step-by-Step, combined with the shower enclosure profiles, the bathtub feet, the inserts on the wall and the washbasin vanity unit, is elegant and incisive. It is an architectural element more than a simple radiator, which plays the starring role with its clean-cut silhouettes on a white wall adorned with panelling, without any visible valves: indeed, like all the radiators in the Elements collection, the valves of Step-by-Step can be installed up to 6 metres away from the radiator itself, according to the patented GVR system (remote connection valve assembly): a high-end styling solution, which is ideal in sophisticated settings.

Tubes radiators, which are contemporary design items, fitted in with these settings with character, becoming incisive signs that define the space.