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Tubes featured in La Reserve Eden au Lac Zurich

Posted in Contract, Projects & Events, Tubes on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

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Tubes Radiatori, an acclaimed brand in the heating industry owing to its focus on design and technology, was chosen by La Réserve Eden au Lac hotel in Zurich.

Tubes was able to guarantee the level of customisation that the French creator required to achieve the highest levels of living comfort, aesthetic styling and environmental friendliness. The answer to such requirements proved to be the Soho radiator, an iconic product by Tubes designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, which heats and decorates the rooms in bespoke versions: the height, the number of elements making up the radiators and the customised anodised finish are features which were designed specifically for this project. This customisation also involved the installation, which was made possible on the historical walls thanks to a special fastening system that allowed the existing wall to remain unaltered during the renovation work.

In terms of technology too, Soho accommodates the need for superior technical performance: a high heat output, while keeping the temperature of the radiator at around 37 degrees, with a particularly low Delta T coefficient. Soho has a Delta T (the difference between the average temperature of the water inside the radiator and the temperature of the air in the room) of just 16.5° which manages to heat the room quickly with a reduced water requirement and, consequently, guaranteeing both low energy consumption and outstanding thermal response.

As a result, Soho proved to be the ideal solution to guarantee environmental friendliness and the perfect comfort levels pursued by guests at the prestigious La Réserve Eden au Lac during their stay in Zurich.