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Tubes, design and multi-functionality for small spaces

Posted in Bathroom, Contract, Projects & Events, Heating, Tubes on Monday, 22 June 2020

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Tubes Radiatori offers an extensive range of radiators and heated towel rails with superior technological performance levels and significant styling value, a priority in the definition of settings. For Tubes, the radiator is an integral part of the architectural structure, packed with personality and ample possibility of customisation and modularity.

Tubes products are available in many sizes and often in several modules which, depending on the composition and on the colours, create a variety of effects and uses. Moreover, the majority of radiators and heated towel rails in the Elements collection is equipped with practical accessories which make it possible to concentrate functions in a single object, eradicating numerous elements which are often incompatible with a smaller-sized space.

Tubes’ know-how in creating products that bring together technological innovation and design with the possibility of customisation according to design requirements has made it possible to create radiators and heated towel rails that blend in elegantly and discretely even with small-sized spaces, in both residential and contract settings.