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Tubes presents its new catalogue Design Book

Posted in Heating, Tubes on Wednesday, 30 March 2022

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Tubes has been bringing new heating systems to life and marketing them since 1992. Ever since, the brand continues to astound and mesmerise with unusual and extraordinary products and innovations and with a perpetually changing formal language, albeit based on long-lasting values and a solid familiar lexicon.

Tubes is now illustrating all this together with its products in a new catalogue with an unprecedented syntax and pace, in a stylistic mood developed by the brand in partnership with Studio MILO, based in Milan and London - hence the name - which was in charge of this project’s art direction.

The two co-founders of Studio MILO, Arianna Crosetta and Federica Gosio, came up with the concept for the Tubes Design Book, “Relationships and Contrasts”, and they addressed it by embracing certain aspects drawn from the world of fashion, art and graphic design. From the focus on colour trends, to both styling and casting, every aspect was curated under the umbrella of cultural cross-contamination and the pursuit across multiple disciplines of an original project for a radiator manufacturer, which Tubes strongly believed in, in keeping with the brand’s unwavering desire to innovate in its industry.

The idea behind the project was to emphasise the distinguishing features of the products within the home - seen as the everyday stage, a place that plays host to relationships and oozes warmth and where the heating bodies designed by Tubes ply and improve the personal habitat, redefining the pleasure of inhabiting a space with a contemporary feel.

In the Tubes Design Book, the radiators relate with the human figure, who enhances their heating properties, or they are placed in a chromatic, spatial or formal contrast with the context, in order to emphasise their aesthetic styling and functionality.