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Marlene Pellet by Sergio Leoni

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The first stove in hand-crafted ceramics with pellet technology at its heart.

For over fifty years, Sergio Leoni has listened to customers and met their needs. The founder, Sergio, started modelling wood-burning stoves with ceramics in the sixties. It was something quite innovative at the time and reflected the growing need to deliver heat more effectively than traditional open fireplaces.
From this constant dialogue with the end consumer, Marlene Pellet was eventually born: the first pellet stove in artistic ceramic. Marlene Pellet is the answer to modern lifestyles and meets the need to be able to turn a stove on and off automatically. More practical to use and faster, it goes perfectly with the advantages of using pellets.
Marlene Pellet is the first new product from Sergio Leoni after its acquisition by MCZ Group in 2012.
The body is exactly the one designed by Sergio Leoni in the seventies, inspired by the "tiles" pattern of Nordic tradition, while inside it uses the innovative “Still” technology. Compared to conventional pellet stoves, Still stoves have no internal fan and heat diffuses naturally by convection, just as it does in wood-burning models.
Moreover, thanks to a bigger and wider brazier, the flame is more natural and sinuous, as beautiful to look at as a wood-burning fire. Marlene Pellet is a jewel of fine craftsmanship. It is easy to load, can turn itself on and off automatically and can even by programmed from a Smartphone or Tablet (Active+ system). It is the ideal product for anyone who loves classic taste but wants the convenience of modern living too.