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MCZ: Club, Ego, Musa, Star, Suite

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Monday, 28 January 2019

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First launched in 2009, MCZ’s five pellet stoves Club, Ego, Musa, Star and Suite were an instant success among consumers and quickly became best-sellers across Europe. Today, 10 years after their market launch and thanks to the implementation of regular technological upgrades, they are still among the best-selling stoves in the MCZ collection.

The simple design of these models, which underwent only minor restyling in 2014, succeeded in winning over consumers from different countries. Ego, Musa and Star are made of steel, for a minimalist style, whereas Club and Suite have ceramic cladding, for a more classic style.

Each stove is available in several versions in order to meet the most diverse heating requirements, yet maintaining its own design. The Air versions are ideal for heating one room, whereas the Comfort Air® versions are ideal for heating two or more rooms. Finally, the Hydro Matic versions are hydro stoves which can heat the radiators of the entire house.

All models meet the high quality standards that are now distinctive of the entire MCZ pellet stove collection:

  • certified clean combustion (Ecodesign 2022, 4 stelle Aria Pulita, Flamme Verte 7 Etoiles)
  • large and natural flame, like a wood-burning fire
  • sealed structure, which ensures efficiency and perfect air quality inside a home
  • ceramic spark plug for quick ignition in three minutes
  • autonomous cleaning, with a wide ash pan that is emptied weekly and a self-cleaning brazier for the more powerful versions (Hydro Matic and Comfort Air Matic)
  • high sound comfort with the No-Air function, the option to totally disable ventilation or keep it to a minimum.

All models also come in the Maestro version, one of the most innovative technologies developed by MCZ. This built-in micro-computer constantly interfaces with the user’s smartphone, for unrivalled stove performance. The Maestro models have a double Wi-Fi kit supplied as standard, so you can control your stove with your smartphone both at home and when you are out.