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Mind-led, Technology Becomes Beautiful

Ajoutée Eclairage , Extérieur mercredi, 30 janvier 2013

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Today there is a great deal of focus on LED bulbs and quite rightly, given all their advantages: technological innovation, a long life, energy saving and protecting the environment (LED bulbs do not contain mercury), the various types of light they produce and their compact size, which allows them to be used in small objects or in special design products.

It is therefore no surprise that a company with a strong vocation for design and the contract sector like Axo Light has interpreted LED bulbs and their possibilities in a high-tech range with a large number of products and a striking decorative component, which sets it apart from everything currently on the market. The range, introduced in 2012, is called Mind-led. It is a complete range from every point of view, with 25 collections containing around 250 products with warm or natural light, all with photometric curves and suitable for indoor and outdoor projects, perfect both in the home and contract sector.