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About Us

I met Paola and Susanna as their business was just getting off the ground and I instantly liked their kind, polite manner and professional approach. In a self-referential world, especially twenty years ago, full of prima donnas and people blowing their own trumpets, they immediately and refreshingly stood out from the crowd.
With their spontaneous instinct and plenty of determination, they faced a new challenge in a very precise way, helping Italian companies in the design industry to interact with foreign markets, which, at that time, basically meant western Europe with a focus on Germany.
With their ability to tune in to companies’ needs, their efficiency and their dedication, they were able to slowly develop a wealth of experience and know-how, becoming a well respected point of reference in the field of Public Relations.
I have had the pleasure of working with them on countless occasions and continue to do so - always with mutual satisfaction.
I recently visited their new offices and met their team of co-workers - a further confirmation of their professional success.
The nice thing is that this success hasn’t changed them and they have remained, let’s say, our “friends next door”. Carlo Manfredi, Marketing Consultant


We began working with Paola and Susanna as they were just starting out.
This year ERGO is celebrating 20 years and we’re happy to be celebrating 20 years of partnership with them.
My colleagues who work closely with Paola and Susanna have always described them as two meticulous, very professional women who are reliable and always “focused”.
Over the last years, I’ve had direct contact with them and I’d say that they’re even more than that: they’re always professional in every sense of the word as well as precise, efficient and reliable, so much so that we affectionately refer to them as “the Germans”. They’re undoubtedly among the biggest fans of our company and I very much appreciate how they work, especially the fact that they are never aggressive or “noisy”, but, rather, are always courteous, sensible and well-balanced.
For me, they’re a great point of reference, a certainty and a guarantee - and I know that
I can always call upon them for any work that needs doing, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be available and efficient, going beyond expectations.
I wish Paola, Susanna and their co-workers all the best for a future that’s filled with professional success, ongoing collaboration and many more goals to share.
Alberto Bonaldo, CEO Bonaldo


For me, ERGO means “the girls”, that’s how I’ve always referred to them, real professionals with just the right dose
of good humour. I met them at the beginning of the new millennium.
A company wanted to promote their brand by opening new furniture showrooms across Europe.
I designed the set-up of the showrooms and they (the girls!) were in charge of the
In my opinion, all you need is three words to describe their work: identity, thought and wit.
Well done girls, and thank you!
Alfonso Arosio, Architect


Paola and Susanna, or “the ERGOs” as I used to call them, have been our PR team for German speaking markets for ten years, representing a long and successful partnership. Working with them was a beautiful experience, on both a professional and personal level: I remember when they used to turn up to meetings, always smiling and ready to have a laugh, but then, as soon as we’d get down to business, they’d always be focused and proficient.
In fact, “the ERGOs” have always stood out for their expertise and professionalism as well as for their real and extensive knowledge of press relations in the German speaking design and architecture industry.
This year, the company that they created is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, a testament to the wonderful success story behind them.
I sincerely wish Susanna and Paola another twenty years of success!
Rossella Bisazza, Communication Director Bisazza


Just like ERGO, Axolight was established twenty years ago and that’s why I feel particularly close to this milestone of theirs - a milestone that they’ve reached with great determination and passion.
We started working with ERGO more or less 10 years ago, at a time when Axolight was experiencing strong growth and during a phase in which, I think it’s fair to say, both companies were growing quickly.
In fact, we enthusiastically continued to grow together and, over the years, we’ve always found ERGO to be incredibly professional with a close-knit team, often making us feel like we’re part of one big family.
I’ve recently witnessed their ability to take on the challenge presented by the digital revolution, transforming it into a new opportunity for both internal and external growth.
On behalf of the entire team here at Axolight, I sincerely wish ERGO every success in facing all of its future adventures with the same level of energy and enthusiasm, always fully realizing their professional potential.
Roberto Vivian, Axolight Chairman


We’ve only been working with ERGO for a few years, but we’ve worked so intensely together that our partnership is already well-established and enduring. Here at Lithos Design, we were attracted by their positive energy, which is something that we share and which immediately enabled us to gel. I personally appreciated their versatility, which makes them so much more than the simple term ‘press office’ would otherwise lead you to believe. In my experience, they are reliable professionals who combine long-standing knowledge of the sector with a clear passion for their work. I respect them as consultants, with the plus point being that all members of their team bring their own ways of doing things, their own characteristics and approaches, thereby strengthening and enriching the group with a range of different skill sets and experiences. I’ve found them to be generous and helpful and always ready to go that extra mile to provide practical support in moments of need.
My most heartfelt congratulations on this 20-year anniversary - here’s to many more fruitful years!
Alberto Bevilacqua, CEO Lithos Design


We’ve enjoyed almost 10 years of valuable and pleasant partnership, always representing a value-added service which has boosted the visibility of all brands belonging to the MCZ Group as well as ensuring their correct positioning.
Highly recommended.
Andrea Brosolo, Marketing Director MCZ Group SpA


I’ve found ERGO to be a professional partner whose skills and ability to discuss ideas always lead to positive outcomes. What’s more, I found they have a high regard for that personal touch, which always makes it great to work with them. Susanna, Paola, Martina, Roberta and Alessandra… you are helpful, nice and talented in the work that you do. It’s a real pleasure to work with you.
Marco Aspesi, Social Media Manager