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Big Table 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Thursday, 30 May 2019

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An extensive rectangular table top, supported by four criss-crossing legs, creating a game of shapes and colours with a strong visual impact: i.e. Big Table.

Launched ten years ago as a result of a partnership between Bonaldo and Belgian designer Alain Gilles, over the years it has been produced in multiple colours, materials and sizes, going on to become the brand’s best-selling table. This year Bonaldo presents Big Table 10th Anniversary Special Edition: a new version to celebrate 10 years of an icon.

Bonaldo met with Alain Gilles in 2008, marking the start of a profitable and stimulating partnership that lasted for years to come. However, it is in 2009 that Bonaldo and Alain Gilles brought to life an anti-conformist idea, a bold project for a product destined to make history: the Big Table.

The distinguishing feature of Big Table is its base made of four laser-cut steel legs that intertwine and overlap, creating an image with a strong graphic appearance, where the perception changes depending on the observer’s perspective. It is a game of balances, a magical contrast between the linearity of the table top and the dynamism suggested by the slanted legs. This is supplemented by the broad choice of colours: in its first version, Big Table has bright multi-coloured legs that emphasise its strong personality.

10 years after its launch, Big Table is produced in a special edition to celebrate this vital milestone in the history of a product which has become a true icon of design. "All I wanted to do was ensure that, ten years on, the table would still retain all its freshness", states the designer.

In this new version, the table has a rectangular green marble top with a strong graphic pattern and colours with an extraordinary intensity. The table top is combined with the steel base painted in its same colour, thereby creating a single whole that never ceases to astound and inspire.