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Bonaldo: 2021 collection preview

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Thursday, 20 May 2021

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The new Bonaldo collection is the result of the company’s incessant evolutionary process based on its commitment to research and study of new materials, finishes and concepts.

2021, in fact, is witnessing the creation of furnishing accessories that increasingly express the passion for design, the attention to detail in workmanship and the perfect stylistic balance of the shapes.

Accessories that express the wide variety of 100% Made in Italy furnishing elements and which are united by their quality, an unmistakable elegance and the ability to convey the Bonaldo vision.

Each element encapsulates a world of details and impressions, of sophisticated materials and inspirations, of colours and distinctive personalities which, under Bonaldo’s guidance, become part of that small and intimate cosmos that constitutes the home.

The following selection offers a preview of the new Bonaldo collection:

SLOT collection (table, coffee table, console table), design Giuseppe Viganò            

The Slot collection, consisting of a table, console table and three coffee tables, embodies the extensive formal and technological research that has always underpinned Bonaldo's products. For this collection, designer Giuseppe Viganò draws inspiration from the world of geometry, from which he borrows different shapes and harmonizes them in a single design. The collection plays with minimal shapes articulated in space: the horizontal top is supported by two stands with a characteristic H shape, one vertical and one slanted, united by a transverse element that conveys a sensation of movement. The legs and central stem are made of metal, while the top with rounded corners is available in numerous finishes, from wood to ceramic, marble and crystal, creating combinations of materials that are always different and can respond to any furnishing and style requirement.

MIDA seating collection, design Gino Carollo

A comfortable and elegant seating collection. The Mida collection is named after the mythical King Midas who turned everything he touched into gold. Similarly, Mida seating adds a touch of style to any space, featuring a backrest with a generous, enveloping shape and a metal base that gives the structure a harmonious design. The soft padding of the seat and backrest, combined with the exquisite upholstery offered by Bonaldo, make Mida the ideal element to position in a living area, around a table, or, in the Mida too stool version, in front of a bar top. The Mida collection includes a chair (Mida), a chair with armrests (Miss Mida) and a stool (Mida too) in two different heights.

OPTIC bookcase, design Marco Zito                                    

A bookcase that plays with perspective and an optical effect for a result that embodies Bonaldo’s masterful manufacturing expertise. Like in a dance, the Optic’s two supporting frames perfectly slide to create a light system of staggered shelves: the shelves are wider in the middle to accommodate large objects, while the side shelves are lighter and cantilevered. The shifted frames give the bookcase a striking 3D effect and permit different configurations in the space: side by side on the wall, overlapping or in the centre of the room joined with an “L” arrangement as a partition within the room.

ALIANTE collection, design Sergio Bicego     

The Aliante collection is a modular seating system that expresses, starting from the evocative name which means “glider” in Italian, the concept of fluidity and flexibility, seemingly without gravity. The aerial, fabric-covered frame matches the cushions and backrests in various sizes, creating a visually light, yet restrained ensemble. The lightness of the ensemble is further emphasized by the slender, minimal shape of the metal foot, available in different colours. Thanks to its versatile elements, the collection assumes different, interesting configurations for a living area with a focus on customization. The system is completed by the Aliante side tables, available in Canaletto walnut or with a ceramic top and made in different shapes and sizes, accessories that play with the space when positioned laterally, in front of the sofa or between two elements of the composition.