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Bonaldo: new tables

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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There’s no doubt that the table is the piece of furniture that plays the biggest role in our day-to-day lives, and that’s exactly why a table is not just an object but it's a real place to live: from workstation to dining table, from support to real meeting point dedicated to conviviality. It's the evergreen ability of the table to attract our gaze and steal the limelight in the living room that makes the choice of this piece of furniture such a special and important decision.

The different functions and purposes have all been taken into account by the designers who have collaborated on the Bonaldo 2020 collection. The tables created by this 100% Made in Italy company, particularly appreciated for their distinctive character, are taken to the next level thanks to new finishes and forms, allowing for absolute customisation. The different sizes of the pieces mean that they work perfectly in any space without compromising the identity of the design.

These are items which channel their surroundings, interacting with them and merging into them without ever losing their unique nature. The original tables in the Bonaldo collection, with their imposing and sculptural shapes, are able to inspire different sensations in those who live them: some might feel a sense of lightness, others a feeling of transformation or movement, as is the case of the distinctive Circus table by Fabrice Berrux. This line represents a huge step forward Bonaldo has taken thanks to its passionate research on new finishes and forms, such as the unconventional, unexpected shapes of the imposing bases, with legs that play on volumes and balances, drawing their inspiration from the world of geometry, such as the Geometric Table by Alain Gilles. The research on the materials used for the new collection of tables is essential too: wood will continue to play a key role – as it does in the Wood version of Art table by Gino Carollo – as part of a growing focus on environmental sustainability. Yet there is also ceramic, favourite material on account of its efficiency - and precious materials like Carrara marble, which is used for the base of the stunning Curling table by Mauro Lipparini.

The original tables in the new collection are also joined by reinterpretations of some of Bonaldo’s most iconic pieces. One example is the new round version of the Mellow table by Bartoli Design, whose flowing lines succeed in bringing a precious, gem-like feel to any room.