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CoeLux® 45 HC and 45 LC Sun & Moon: the sun and the moon in a room.

Posted in Lighting, CoeLux®, Wellness on Thursday, 10 June 2021

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The CoeLux high-tech systems allow to illuminate the environment with natural light and, at the same time, to recreate the perception of an infinite space, even in contexts limited by architectural barriers. The psycho-physiological and emotional advantages given by the quality of the space remain evident even when instead of the sun, CoeLux recreates the night sky.

Sun & Moon, which can be installed on the CoeLux® 45 HC and 45 LC systems, offers a double experience: the "day" mode, a window on the sky that illuminates the environment with a blue sky and a bright sun perceived at an infinite distance, and the "night" mode, able to recreate a suggestive and deep intense blue sky illuminated by the moonlight. A scenic nocturnal scenario to reconnect to the first celestial object that man is able to see clearly with the naked eye: the moon.

There are several application potentials. The CoeLux® 45 HC and 45 LC Sun & Moon systems are ideal for contract environments, hotels, wellness centres and spaces where the user receives a unique experience of mental and physical well-being thanks to the reproduction of the natural light of the sky, sun and moon. CoeLux's philosophy includes the possibility of offering a window on the universe that reconnects people with the outside world, increasing the quality of their living space.