Eve and Milano Free-standing by Tubes on show at the lagoon on the occasion of the Venice Design Biennial - Press Agency - Ergo Online

Eve and Milano Free-standing by Tubes on show at the lagoon on the occasion of the Venice Design Biennial

Posted in Projects & Events, Heating, Tubes on Tuesday, 08 June 2021

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Tubes, a radiator manufacturer based in Veneto that is famous for having coined the ‘designer radiator’, has been picked to play one of the starring roles at the Venice Design Biennial, with its unique and unmistakable Eve and Milano Free-standing elements.

Curated by the founders Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei, the event is set to take place from 20th May until 27th June, concurrently with the first month of the Venice Architecture Biennial, in a selection of charming venues in the lagoon city.

Tubes exhibits with Eve and Milano Free-standing as part of the “Design As a Self-Portrait” collective exhibition that presents the works of more than 20 international designers across two exhibition venues: SPARC*, Spazio Arte Contemporanea in Campo Santo Stefano, and SPUMA Space for the Arts, a charming industrial archaeological space at Giudecca.

Eve, designed by Roberto+Ludovica Palomba, is a designer piece with a dual soul, since not only does it heat its surroundings, but also emits a dimmable light that turns it into the star feature of any room, whereas Milano Free-standing, designed by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti, is an iconic element that recalls a sculpture capable of ‘making a statement’ all by itself within a setting thanks to its strong identity.

Both Tubes offerings fit in perfectly with the curatorial theme of this edition – Design As a Self-Portrait - aimed at investigating what design represents for each and every one of us and how at the same time we represent ourselves through it, with objects, spaces and experiences. Eve and Milano Free-standing are in fact part of the Plug&Play collection by Tubes launched in 2018 to embrace and implement in an electric collection an ancient way of experiencing heat, like an embrace, which distinguishes human life since the dawn of time, now more topical than ever before. Eve and Milano Free-standing represent a concept of designer ¢personal heat’ that approaches the human dimension, which is by definition in constant motion and evolution.

Tubes is once again honoured to take part in an event that promotes design culture and investigates the increasingly significant role played by design in what we choose to convey our identity.