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Light+Light ..what if a wallpaper gave light to the room?

Posted in Lighting, Surfaces, Instabilelab on Monday, 21 June 2021

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Light+Light is an exclusive and original collection of luminous wallpapers by Instabilelab, that, when the lights are off, give a suggestive surprise effect. The wallpaper, in fact, lights up according to the subjects or luminescent lines graphically designed for a fascinating overall scenography.

Instabilelab, once again, goes beyond the simple wallpaper to create a real furnishing project. With Light+Light the room no longer has walls and light becomes the sublime protagonist.

The luminescent effect is achieved through the application of a paint based on phosphorescent pigments: the painted part is charged with natural or artificial light, lighting up in the dark or in semi-darkness for a variable length of time depending on the exposure time.

Ideal for home and contract use, Light+Light is a highly decorative wallpaper of great impact but at the same time sober, with colours and patterns that harmonise perfectly with the atmosphere and furnishings of the surrounding environment.

Light+Light is printed on Vinyl wallpaper and is available with Yellow fluorescence.