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MCZ: interview with Emo design

Posted in Heating, MCZ, Sergio Leoni on Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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MCZ was the first company to introduce design into the world of pellet stoves, traditionally focused on the concepts of cost-effectiveness, sustainability and ease of use. That focus on beauty and on the balance of shapes, combined with unceasing technological research to obtain a pellet flame that would be equally pleasant as in wood burning stoves, has granted MCZ remarkable success in the market and over the years the brand has stood out internationally, so much so that it was awarded the iF Design Award for Toba, the first pellet stove to win such a prestigious design award.

Among the designers who work with MCZ Group, there are world-famous designers and young professionals, each one selected for the ability to have a rational as well as emotional “sense” for the stove, which often goes hand in hand with direct experience in using the product. 

Today, in a conversation with Andrea Brosolo, Marketing Manager of MCZ Group, we look at the topic in detail with Carlo Ciciliot, Founder & Managing Partner of Emo design - a design studio based near Venice with a cosmopolitan spirit.

In the press release you can find the full interview.