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MCZ and architects

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Monday, 19 April 2021

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For all firms in the building sector, architects and interior designers are demanding and skilled partners. The sector of fireplaces and stoves, however, is a very specific and sometimes complicated sector. MCZ is one of the few companies in the sector to offer designers a whole series of useful tools for carrying out the “perfect project”: free project consultancy, photographic inspirations with the best creations, 2D and 3D files of stoves and fireplaces to be inserted directly in your project and a useful guide with technical notes on the design of wood-burning fireplaces.

Free project consultancy

MCZ offers designers an ad hoc assistance service provided by a dedicated technical consultant, who will support all stages of the project design, with targeted advice and customised technical solutions. From the first choice of the fireplace or stove, to the design of the cladding and the preparation of the installation premises, the consultant will be able to guide the professional up to the final installation, which is the responsibility of MCZ partners in the area. To use the service without obligation, simply fill out the specific form:

Projects that ignite your imagination

The “Projects” section of the website is useful to guide the professional in the first stage of the design ( It collects the most interesting projects in terms of original solutions and functions. From various types of residential rooms – living, kitchen, study, sleeping area – to public spaces with special requirements, such as a yoga centre, fireplaces and stoves prove to be versatile and ideal tools for solving various design issues. They create the perfect comfort, decorate, help to create a welcoming atmosphere of calm and relaxation, and they are architectural elements in their own right when used to partition rooms or to fill empty spaces.

The guide to designing the wood-burning fireplace

In order to go beyond technical handbooks and provide a more targeted tool for the designer, MCZ has produced a Guide to designing the wood-burning fireplace.

The Guide stems from a selection of the most common questions that designers ask MCZ consultants every day. It aims to be a kind of notebook, to be kept on hand each time you need to plan the position of a fireplace and design the surrounding architectural space.

Specifically, it contains in-depth information on the following topics:

• the procedure to follow from choosing to installing the fireplace, taking into account the various types of fireplace (corner, front, double-sided, three-sided) and the room to be heated;

• the basic rules for properly preparing the flue system (smoke fittings, flue) and air inlets;

• practical recommendations on how to create the cladding according to the materials used (plasterboard, stone, wood, ceramic);

• a number of projects created with unusual technical solutions, an ideal source of inspiration.

The whole set of these services stems from MCZ's desire to use its know-how to support professionals entering the world of fireplaces and stoves for the first time, a world as fascinating as it is complex owing to that peculiar mix of poetic and technical elements that make fire so magical.