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MCZ Group Première 2021

Posted in Projects & Events, Heating, MCZ, Sergio Leoni on Wednesday, 31 March 2021

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at a virtual event for dealers, the Group previewed the new products for 2021 and announced a major investment plan.

The 2021 Première – the virtual event during which MCZ Group gave European distributors a preview of its new products for next winter – ended on Wednesday 24 March.

For the first time in the Group’s 55 years of history, it was not possible to meet the local partners face to face for the launch of the new products. However, MCZ managed to virtually gather together hundreds of dealers from all over Europe by hosting an event that cast a spotlight on the commitment, inspiration and passion involved in designing the new 2021 models.

These efforts made it possible for the company to wrap up this challenging year with positive results nonetheless.

Stefano Gallucci, Managing Director, pointed out: ‘In order to make up for over two months of production shutdown, at some point we managed to produce 140% more than in the same period in 2019. The company has proved its ability to react promptly, with great resolve and with excellent teamwork. 2020 has ended with over €115 million in revenues. The market has rewarded our consistency, our organisation, our financial soundness, our desire to continue growing and our innovation, which does not only mean our cutting-edge product technology, but also our groundbreaking approach.’

The future may still be uncertain, but MCZ Group knows exactly what it needs to do – continue investing in order to keep growing. Indeed, the Group has just announced a massive investment plan, which will involve all the company’s strategic assets in the medium to long term. The Managing Director, Stefano Gallucci, added: ‘Our goal is to innovate so that we can keep growing. We have several projects underway and plenty more to come as we want to bring competitive solutions that add value to our products and local services.’

Riccardo Zanette, the Group’s Vice President, said: ‘I’d like to thank all our employees and associates. In these times of great uncertainty, it is essential to be able to rely on trustworthy, competent and skilled people. We will continue working with ever greater connectedness, so that we can offer consumers a unique buying experience.’