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Sergio Leoni: News 2020

Posted in Heating, Sergio Leoni on Monday, 22 June 2020

Tags: design | Emo Design | heating | Sergio Leoni

Sergio Leoni, known for its production of hand-made ceramic stoves and since 2012 part of the MCZ Group, presents this year the first products designed by Emo design: Costanza and Regina are two pellet stoves, both with reduced sizes, which make them ideal also for small spaces.

Both stoves are characterized by a contemporary design with a connections to the style of the Northern European "Stube" - style, from which Sergio Leoni drew his inspiration when starting in the 1960s. The reinterpretation of Emo design transforms the ceramic stove into a timeless trendy object.

"Costanza and Regina are the future that comes from the past, the essence of classicism revisited from a markedly minimalist perspective. Stoves that nod to classicism, stripped of excessive decorations and designed for contemporary, modern and minimalistic settings, which can be also adapted to any other style."

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