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Summer Time

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo, Outdoor, Fast, Projects & Events, Surfaces, Instabilelab on Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Tags: Bonaldo | design | Fast | furniture | Instabilelab | interior | outdoor | outdoor products | summer | surfaces | wallpapers

Are you dreaming of the hot sun, waves on the beach and infinite flower fields? It's time to think about summer! Ventilated rooms to relax in the cool, terraces from which to admire colourful sunsets and a beach atmosphere are the hallmarks of the season which is an emblem of freedom and positive energy, of bright colours and intense scents.

We propose a selection of images with settings that recall summer furnished with Bonaldo's products in fresh or bright tones and outdoor furniture by Fast and Instabilelab wallpapers and furnishing coordinated projects with patterns of flowering meadows, palm trees and tropical plants.