With an eye on the sector of large-scale projects, Glamora is launching some significant innovations in 2024, one of which concerns a new dimension in modular design.

Glamora’s wallcoverings are in fact conventionally offered in two modules. In contrast, the collection launched in 2024, Creative Collection Chapter XIV, features a third module for each subject, thus expanding the expressive and design possibilities.




Module C is a discreet and versatile element within the collection, designed to integrate without overshadowing, thanks to its minimalist design of abstract micropatterns or shades that can be perfectly matched to modules A and B. Offering visual discontinuity, the third module allows for a more pronounced and dynamic customisation of walls, ideal for a wide range of architectural contexts.

This innovation offers a new approach to interior surface design: by surpassing the traditional limits of wallcoverings, it not only expands the expressive and design repertoire available to designers, but also avoids visually overloading the spaces.

Creative Collection Chapter XIV, with its variety of subjects, modules and colour options, is designed to fit into a wide range of architectural contexts and invites architects and interior designers to a more personal interpretation of the interaction between surface, colour and texture in interior design.